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CLEMI, part of Réseau Canopé network, is in charge of Media and Information Literacy  (MIL) in the French education system.

CLEMI was created in 1983 with the mission to train teachers to a better knowledge of the news media system and to build children’s citizenship skills by providing tools and fostering their critical thinking of media and information. Media literacy is a crucial asset to achieve a better understanding of the world. 

CLEMI’s actions rely on a national team, a strong network of local academic coordinators but also on several media partners to build up projects and actions for schools.

Nowadays, children are flooded in an ongoing, instantaneous, media-saturated environment. By encouraging freedom of speech, fostering critical thinking, giving students tools to find and assess information, CLEMI’s role is to empower children to become wiser and smarter citizens. It is a major task at the core of the French education system and a major issue for society.

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