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CLEMI's European and international cooperations aim to tackle disinformation and hate speech online through the development of critical thinking and the improvement in the MIL skills of teachers and trainers. Its funded activities are structuring a multidisciplinary network of professionals at European and international levels. The aim of this network is to promote the sharing of best practices for the benefit of foreign and French practitioners alike.

The international partnerships are part of a strategy which aims to:

  1. Increase expertises in international MIL capacity building
  2. Contribute to the developement of French speaking MIL network
  3. Allow a free access of CLEMI’s ressources in French and English
  4. Strenghten MIL in European education projects led by French players
  5. Contribute to research and training optimization projects (quality and implementation)


CLEMI works with Unesco on a regulary basis, participating in the Global Media and information literacy week. CLEMI is also member of the Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information literacy (GAPMIL).


CLEMI is provinding founded expertise and trainings for the French diplomatic network (e. g. Brazil-France partnership) and French international organizations such as CFI Media Development and l'Institut Français


CLEMI cooperates with the Conseil supérieur de l’éducation aux médias in Belgium, the Fédération professionnelle des journalistes in Québec (Canada), the Agence Sciences-Presse (Québec), Habilomédias (Canada), the Conférence intercantonale de l'instruction publique de la Suisse romande et du Tessin in Switzerland, and more recently with Eduk-Média in Cameroun and Les Bénévoles de l'EMI in Ivory Coast.


CLEMI also participates in the Expert Group on Media Literacy launched by the European Commission to facilitate exchanges between MIL European organizations and to encourage the development of a European approach to media and information literacy issues. CLEMI is part of DE FACTO project, EDMO’s French hub, aiming at counter desinformation through fact checking and MIL. CLEMI is an active member of Media & Learning association, a uropean organization gathering national and regional agencies in charge of promoting MILteaching and learning as well as universities, ministries of education and schools’ networks.