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CLEMI, part of Réseau Canopé network, is appointed by the the French ministry of Education and Youth to implement Media and Information Literacy  (MIL) at school. CLEMI was created in 1983 with the mission to train teachers to a better knowledge of the news media system and to build children’s citizenship skills by fostering their critical thinking of media and information. By  provinding trainings for teachers and ressourcesfor pupils to find and assess information, CLEMI’s role is to empower children to become informed citizens. It is a major task at the core of the French education system and a major issue while hate speech and fake news are spreading on social media.

CLEMI’s actions rely on a national team of 22 people, a strong network of 200 local academic MIL coordinators but also on numerous media partners to build up MIL projects and actions for schools. CLEMI provides national trainings for 30 000 beneficiaires each year, as well as scientific research and pedagogical ressources for school. In order to address MIL on the wider scale in France, CLEMI is organizing the Press and Media Week at School since 1990 with opportunities to discover media sector plurality and to exchange with media professionals : 1,800 media partners are involved each year and 4,700,000 pupils in more than 18,000 schools are involved.

CLEMI’s action is European and international, working with the French diplomatic network, international and multilateral organizations. International trainings and expertises are provided on request (renvoyer vers un formulaire – ne pas donner directement d’email – et renvoyer vers +  CLEMI is sharing best practices with  a network of European and international partners to strenghten MIL international expertise and gouvernance.