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The specificity of the French media landscape is based on great diversity with public audiovisual actors, private and associative media players. For 40 years, CLEMI has been working with this network to gradually integrate MIL into the curriculum of the French school system.

CLEMI provides national ressources and trainings for 30 000 beneficiaires each year, as well as scientific research and pedagogical ressources for school. Since the official text of 24 January 2022 for the generalization of MIL, CLEMI has been co-piloting with the Ministry of National Education and Youth a network of 30 academic referents who are themselves responsible for leading cells bringing together all inspection bodies and academic delegations.

This implementation of MIL at school assumes equality for all young French people in mastering MIL skills understanding and knowledge. However, this approach does not ensure a common result, due to disparities in effective media presence between territories. CLEMI has initiated an experimental work to identify and analyse the skills of teachers and trainers of all disciplines, at the 1st and 2nd levels. This reference framework distributes MIL skills into five thematic axes and three levels of progressive acquisition.